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Kenny Wongchamcharoen

From the rise of under-the-skin surveillance to the collapse of liberal democracy

Humankind is unequivocally encountering perhaps the most significant global health crisis of our generation, the Corona-virus pandemic. Looking forward to the future, it is precisely the present decisions a lot of world leaders made that would probably determine the direction human beings are heading to in the next few decades. Eventually, the storm will pass, but we will undeniably live in a very different world.

This pivotal moment has raised one crucial question,

What will the world be like once the coronavirus pandemic is over?

The power of wealth and its consequences.

Photo by Alexander Mils on Unsplash

“Money makes the world go round.”

This popular saying conveys just how important money is perceived to be. Indeed, money is incredibly important as, without it, we cannot purchase daily necessities or indulge in holidays and other enjoyable activities.

Acquiring money and achieving financial freedom are regarded as extremely crucial by people from all walks of life. In fact, some people even believe that the amount of money you possess can be an indicator of your happiness in life.

However, it has been said that money cannot buy happiness we get from our relationships with our loved ones. Nevertheless, I…

Here’s the answer for most parents and adults.

Money is a significant part of how young people feel about their lives. Acquiring money and achieving financial freedom are seen to be one of the most essential parts of their hopes and dreams — whether it is having enough income to climb up the socioeconomic ladder, sustain their families, or even as part of progressing their career. However, only a handful of these young people who are mostly studying in school or university are money-savvy. Most of them are still not confident enough to make crucial financial decisions that will affect their lives. …

The power of perseverance and resilience when faced with predicaments

Photo by Miguel Henriques on Unsplash

I had never heard of the words speech and debate before in my entire life, until one peculiar day. I was in Grade 7, sitting through the ordinary lesson.

After the lesson elapsed, the teacher surprisingly came to me and beckoned me to join debate, assuring me that it would completely change my life… and it did. However, the beginning of my debate career was not a bed of roses.

I walked into the classroom the first Tuesday of the semester, the first day our debate session started. As I expected, I had literally no inkling of what the debate…

Revisiting the Cuban Missiles Crisis

Yeah! Definitely. It’s Khrushchev’s fault.

Let’s be honest here. His decision caused unintended repercussions on the USSR. On 15 October 1962, a US spy plane discovered a missile site in Cuba installed by the USSR. When Kennedy eventually received the news, he then ordered a naval and air blockade on Cuba, meaning that all importing and deployment of Soviet ‘offensive weapons’ would not be able to reach Cuba. This caused the immediate escalation of tensions with the Soviet Union and Cuba as they believed that the US was aiming to launch a full-scale act of war between it and the USSR. These responses of the…

These activities will surely lift you out of boredom amidst the constant threat of corona-virus.

The corona-virus has affected billions of lives around the world. It’s been several weeks since schools and non-essential workplaces began to close down, and many are settling into a new norm of social distancing. Despite not being able to experience face-to-face contact, people have developed novel methods to stay connected with friends, family, and even themselves.

While this is a moment filled with anxiety and uncertainty, I also seek joy, comfort and distraction where I can find it while doing my part to help flatten the curve…

So, I have compiled the list of activities and things I enjoy doing…

How benefits of CCTV s might actually outweigh the harms.

Some individuals feel more secure with the cameras, while other citizens and privacy advocates feel nervous about the fact that they are under surveillance every time they are out in public.

We live in a constant threat of attack from solo gunmen to suicidal bombers. In order to live safer, we install home security cameras in and out of our house.

Many might argue that security cameras are monitoring all aspects of individuals life. Under such circumstances, these individuals who are monitored would lose the sense of privacy and become paranoid in their activities, leading to an atmosphere of fear…

How failure in achieving my goal changed my life.

During my time in secondary school, I was an active member of my school’s public speaking and debate club. I participated in various debate competitions and have attended a lot of Model United Nations Conferences (MUN). The time when I failed terribly was during my second MUN conference that I had competed in, and had high hopes of getting awards. During this conference, I represented Sweden in the UN General Assembly council.

Simple guide that will help you decide whether you should possess one

Forty-one percent of voice assistant users are concerned about trust, privacy and passive listening.

Forty-one percent of voice assistant users are concerned…

Kenny Wongchamcharoen

✒️ Writer for ‘The Ascent’, ‘Real Life Resilience’, and ‘Voice Tech Podcast’, currently based in Singapore and Thailand.

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